This is an uber~cool tool/time saver.
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Ken Brand
Prudential Gary Greene Realtor

Your service has made a positive impact on my business." When I am at a noisy jobsite I can easily read my messages instead of trying to hear them and take notes.

Dick Jenkins
President – Forward Development, INC

I am a doctor who gets a ridiculous amount of messages every day. Every second of my day matters. Your service changed the way I use my phone, and improved my productivity.

James Strogan, MD.

I'm very busy throughout the day and this service has changed the way I conduct business. It works exactly as advertised. I can also save messages forever and search for messages with your keyword search option.

Rob V.
President - Emax Hosting

I love your service when I'm travelling outside the US. When I get a call, I let it go to voice mail, so I don't get charged any roaming fees. This way I can read the voicemail from my blackberry. I love having my voicemails transcribed. Thank you VoiceCloud.

Dominic Mazzone
Managing Partner/ Co-founder – Regent Global Funds

VoiceCloud is better than any of the other services I have ever used. I've been using it since it was in beta and for $19.95 a month, it is the best service for the lowest price.

Thomas Graf
Warehouse Manager – Forest Glen Automotive

Your service has made a huge impact on my productivity.

Thom Histon
Owner - Green Acres Natural Foods

I never worry about missing a client's message because I am in a meeting or in court. The messages come directly to my phone and I can read them without disturbing anyone. VoiceCloud is my 24/7-365 receptionist.

Ed Greenberg, ESQ
Partner – Greenberg & Levy

I have always hated listening to voicemail messages on my phone because when I am in a club and mixing music, I cannot hear the phone ring or listen to the messages. VoiceCloud’s service has made it possible for me to get every message, even in the loudest clubs in the world because I can read them. You guys have made a huge difference in my life.

Freddy “Huggy Bear” Ramirez
President – Ramirez Productions

VoiceCloud provides the best customer service I have ever experienced. Your service changes the voicemail game and I love being able to use the extra time I have gotten back to spend more time talking to my clients

Jack Herowitz
Partner – Locktop Fasteners

I don’t like to listen to voice messages. People talk too much! VoiceCloud lets me read all my messages and it saves me a lot of time. The internet based access is also phenomenal.

Lisa Centeno
President – Centeno Catering

I am going through a bad divorce right now and your service has given me the ability to save my soon to be ex-husbands threatening messages and email them to my attorney.

Sonja G.