VoiceCloud Services

We have specialized solutions for a wide spectrum of industries and professionals. Some examples of the types of clients currently supported are:

  • Carriers – Fixed & Mobile
  • Enterprise Organizations
  • Government – Federal, State, & Local
  • Educational Institutions
  • Financial Services Firms
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Legal Service Firms
  • Healthcare Organizations and Providers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Accounting Firms

Corporations, Governments and Individuals must operate and survive within the fast-paced and litigious business environment that is the reality of the world we live in. VoiceCloud’s patent pending solutions provide the speed, security and protection to address these vital issues, while recognizing the competitive and budgetary pressures that limit pricing options. No client is too big or too small to benefit from the VoiceCloud solution.

The need for operational and employee efficiency are primary factors in growing profitability and consumer value. Organizations are being continually directed to reduce costs and operate on razor thin margins. Within the current recessionary environment organizations cannot afford to lose time due to ineffective staff productivity or failure to respond to client expectations.

VoiceCloud streamlines employee workflows and reduces Corporate and Governmental exposure to litigation. VoiceCloud’s patent pending technologies changes the way business is conducted by converting ALL incoming messages to text. VoiceCloud then stores your organization’s messages forever, via the Amazon S3 Storage Platform. This guarantees your information will never be lost, erased or compromised. Your information can be accessed anytime and anywhere from your mobile device or our user-friendly web based secure platform.

VoiceCloud also provides the industry’s first and only keyword search tool, which saves valuable time and productivity. Our keyword search function will assist your organization in locating important voicemails and the text directly associated with them. This precludes the annoying process of listening to all of your saved messages. This assumes your service provider has not prematurely erased them due to the carrier imposed expiration dates of your voicemails in your voicemail box. This is the type of traditional and antiquated platform mobile carriers currently employ and yet another reason VoiceCloud is the obvious choice to manage and take complete control of all of your messaging.

Imagine a way to organize all of your voicemail messages along with the text. This assures you will never be in a situation where there any misunderstandings in what was said by a client, patient, business associate or employee. VoiceCloud’s platform has the unique benefit of e-mailing the voicemail and the text to anyone who disputes what was said in a message. This avoids client confrontations and unjustified write-offs that impact your bottom line. The customer is not always right, if they said it in a voicemail you have saved forever on the VoiceCloud platform.

Our solution can also identify key words for advertising to your clients or can filter key words for vulgarity, profanity or illegalities. It is also a powerful tool for monitoring your employee’s productivity, as all voicemails can be accessed from our proprietary supervisor monitoring tool.

VoiceCloud’s robust API can integrate with any platform and our team of developers can modify a solution to suit your organizations specific needs. We can accommodate our clients with anything from simple voicemail service to complex and fully functioning transcription solutions. With our API anyone can license the VoiceCloud “engine” to re-sell/white-label our services. The end result is increased customer retention and added profitability.

VoiceCloud will soon be supporting multiple languages and continually interfaces with our in house developers, working to enhance and expand our already superior service platform. We achieve this by listening to our clients and welcome suggestions to exceed our end user’s experience and expectations. We pride ourselves in being progressive and tailoring custom solutions to any industries.

It has been our experience that every other company in our industry has the world under the false impression that there is some futuristic voice recognition software that is reliable and doesn't require live transcribers. The conclusion is then drawn that the software is scalable and secure.

The real truth is that every company in this business uses live transcribers because there is no other viable option to assure accuracy.

All other providers of services similar to VoiceCloud utilize outsourcing centers that often outsource to another outsourcer. We have hundreds of skilled, college educated individuals ready to transcribe. These are our direct employees. Their backgrounds are thoroughly checked and they are all required to sign confidentiality agreements before being employed. We hire only the best candidates and they receive continual training throughout their tenure with our company. This is why and how VoiceCloud provides the best transcriptions in the industry while having the ability to maintain competitive pricing.

VoiceCloud employs patent pending technologies which are faster, more accurate and more secure than our competitors.

Additionally, we provide the lowest prices in the industry, which at the end of the day equates to increased profitability and reduced liability for your organization.

Please contact us for a consultation or test our solution with a group of your users.