About us

Key benefits

  • Real-time, instantaneous voice-to-text transcription
  • Mobile or online access anytime and anywhere
  • Completely in-house to ensure quality control, security and cost-effectiveness
  • Unlimited storage and retrieval
  • Customized iPhone and API interfaces

A real-time, voice-to-text transcription service, the VoiceCloud™ solution combines VoiceCloud's patent-pending streaming audio technology that allows multiple concurrent connections to instantaneously transcribe voicemail messages to text. Whether users are on a mobile device or online, they can immediately see who has called and what was said – ensuring that critical voicemails are never missed.

Compared to traditional voice transcription services, VoiceCloud's solution is completely self hosted. With all resources and operations managed in-house, processes are streamlined and the time and costs of dealing with third-parties are eliminated. This enables VoiceCloud to oversee total quality control and to pass cost-savings on to the end-user in the way of flexible and competitive pricing options.

Compatible with major US carriers and support for both fixed and mobile networks, VoiceCloud's innovative solution also includes unlimited voice/transcription storage and retrieval, a specially designed interface for the iPhone and 24/7 customer service and support.