Voice to text Transcription API 1.0

Due to the many number of requests for the VoiceCloud API we have decided to roll-out a lite version while our developers are busy working on the full-blown feature packed API that should be ready sometime in September '08. This lite version allows you to submit audio to our service and automatically retrieve transcribed text back to your server.

Contact : 888-497-4545

Sending Audio to VoiceCloud

Developers will have access to our API function calls which allows you to submit mp3 files to our system. The mp3 files you submit to us must be hosted on an http server that can be accessed by our software. Once the API call is made, our servers will fetch the mp3 file, convert it if needed, and submit it to our queueing system to be transcribed by our agents. The audio files will be accessible from your voicecloud login account including the transcribed text when completed.

Sample Call: Results:

The "sendfile" action returns a unique transactionuid number so your system can identify which audio was transcribed when we return the text back to your server.

Receiving Text From VoiceCloud

After the transcription process has completed, the resulting transcribed text and tranactionuid will be submitted to a form on your server as name=value pairs. You will need to supply us ahead of time with the URL to the form on your server. We use a POST method to send this data to your form.

Variables Sample Scripts: